Our consulting services include engineering and management services. We ensure that our clients get maximum help with their projects and value for their money. Contact us today to find out how we can help!


Strategy & Shear Inc. offers quality and cost-saving consulting services in mechanical engineering design and management services for private and commercial projects. Our Engineering service areas include:

Building Services Design & Construction

Residential, commercial and industrial projects, low and Medium rise building projects Including restaurants & kitchens, bakeries, offices, retail stores, hotels, medical and dental clinics, hospitals, low, medium & high risk laboratories (MRI, Radiology, Dialysis sterilization, etc.), airports (terminal buildings, control towers, runway etc.), warehouses, etc.


Structural analysis and diagnosis of mechanical systems to reduce wearing and tearing of parts, degradation, failure, downtime and repair cost. System analysis, monitoring, vibration isolation and absorber designs.

Product Development & Life Cycle Management

Responding to industrial evolution and evolving needs by engaging design thinking in mechanical projects to develop solutions in industries including Agriculture, Food and Chemical Processing.

Process Engineering

Applying the understanding of scientific laws to transform raw materials and energy into products or forms that are useful for industries and the society in general.

Engineering Management

Merging the sweet principles of engineering and strategic management to establish a fine balance in engineering applications and industries for increase productivity, efficiencies and cost reduction.


Strategy & Shear Inc. offers quality and cost-saving consulting services in Business Management for SMEs and large enterprise projects. Our Management Consulting service areas include: