Project Summary

Yours is a strong brand with a proven track record of meeting customer expectations in a rapidly changing market. You have the products and services people want, but there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Growing your business means building on your strengths to improve your company’s flexibility and capacity for innovation both in what you offer and how you offer it.

That’s where Strategy & Shear comes in. With Strategy & Shear, you are in for long-term satisfaction and cost savings plus you have access to unlimited engineering, research and business management resources. 

What you get from us!

• A unique profile of specific lines of improvement in specific departments and areas of your business listed in our cover letter. This will help your senior management team focus on goals and communicate those goals to the entire organization.

• A customized solution tailored to your specific needs

•An implementation plan that takes into account the challenges of organizational change and sets benchmarks for success

• Implementation services and supports to help overcome obstacles and smooth the path as your solution is rolling out 

• Ongoing project management and analytics that ensure benchmarks are met and tactics are modified to reflect the evolving needs of the organization and its clients

Recently, our team has been part of major projects for:
Payments Canada, Toronto, Canada

PreVu3D, Quebec, Canada

Elasto Proxy Inc., Quebec, Canada

Senti Solutions Inc., Ontario, Canada.

Canada Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Ontario, Canada.

NSERC, Ontario, Canada

Technology Innovation Center, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Samabot & Associates Ltd., Abuja, Nigeria.