Our Process

The following describes the typical process we follow in our projects. The steps may be iterative depending on the project and the client’s needs.

Step 1: Discovering your unique needs and profile

Strategy & Shear assigns a team specifically for your needs. We get to know you, your strengths, challenges, history, and current needs and we get to know your market. Together with your project lead or contact person, define the problem and create goals to solve it.

Step 2: Assessing your current situation and establishing benchmarks for success

In this phase, we compare your current state to your desired state, where are you now and where do you want to be? We identify specific gaps, set benchmarks for success, outline measurable targets, and select analytics tools. We develop a report with budgets based on our assessment.

Step 3: Designing your customized solution

Our team designs a customized solution and implementation plan to meet your objectives within the time frame required. This may include designs, drawings and documentation, depending on your needs. We work closely with your project lead and management team to make sure the plan is a good fit with realistic objectives and outcomes.

Step 4: Implementing your solution and managing change

We stay with you every step of the way while your solution is rolling out, guiding implementation, tweaking elements of the plan as we get feedback from employees and customers, and measuring success using custom analytics.

Step 5: Closing

We deliver on documentations, you get to sign off on all deliverable and give us a review.